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Roleplay for Bioshock Fans! Takes place after the events of BioShock 1.
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Rules of the Sea of Blood Basic -You MUST make your accounts name the first & last name of your character... Anyone who doesn't apply to these rules will be banned in a weeks notice. (Proper Naming="Johnathan Fitzgerald","Jack Ryan","Andrew Ryan") (Improper Naming="SugaDaddy420","katelyn42","Noobkilla69","XxRavenxX") -No Sharing of private information. Sea of Blood is NOT responsible for any thing the result of sharing information. -Cursing is allowed. But it can't be to where it becomes graphic or prejudice. -Everyone can make as many characters as they can... But you have to be active to do it. On 3rd character, ask a admin or mod if you can go on making more. Roleplaying -No Godmodding/Powerplaying, in essence, No acting like your invincible. Everyone can die, unless you purchase a Vita-Chamber and you can revive yourself. -No Killing unless the owner of the person allows it or the character is NPC and NOT important -Nobody is to be related to canon characters unless bought at a GATHERER'S GARDEN. -No Roleplaying unless you submitted a forum and it got accepted. -No using plasmids unless you bought it (Electro Bolt exceptional) -Gory killing scenes are ALLOWED. But please, have a warning in the title before Roleplaying to warn sensitive viewers. -Sexual scenes are allowed, but not so graphic is like pornography. We don't want to hear about your characters love life. -If you kill a little sister, please. Notify a admin and they'll give you ADAM. But you need to have Atleast FIVE posts describing your fight with the little sisters BIG DADDY. -You can't save any little sisters unless Dr. Tenenbaum gives you the plasmid. -Spliced characters automatically have the flaw of "Psychotic." Gatherer's Garden -Every Gatherers Garden purchase needs ADAM. -The maximum amount of little sisters in a area per day are 2. If you make a thread for a little sister killing or saving, please. Notify others by warning in the title. -You can only get SEVEN slots per character.